4 days of immersion in an exclusive event on a boat with business roundtables, talks and debates, social events and expeditions in the Chilean Patagonia.


A journey with top buyers from North America, Europe and Brazil, and small, independent, authentic and high end hotels and boats from Latin America and The Caribbean.


It will be 4 Immersive days of a unique event, which will take place between April 7th and 11th, 2017, aboard one of the best small cruise ships in Latin America, on a memorable journey through the landscapes, glaciers and wilderness of Chilean Patagonia, with business roundtables, talks and debates, social events and expeditions through this stunning region.

Business Meetings

The program has the Special Business Rounds by REMOTE, a moment dedicated to all travel agencies and tour operators meet all the participant hotels and boats. The aim is to create a favourable and professional environment for buyers to be formally acquainted with the exhibitors, facilitating integration, connection and new business throughout and after the event. There will be 55 hotels and 110 travel agencies carefully selected.


There will be many relevant names on the independent hotel industry, from Latin America and the Caribbean, aboard with us. Experts on Tourism, Patagonia and special interests are also to join us throughout the trip, besides other surprises we are preparing for you. This content will be generated through talks, debates and discussions tables, giving all participants the chance to engage in the discussion, as well as learn, teach and help think about innovations and trends in our market.


For this 4-day journey, we will experience an immersion program in the Patagonia, which will take the participants beyond the formal business environment. In this program we propose unique activities for a genuine interaction with the local fauna and flora, as well as cultural interactions with the way of life in the region, such as penguins spotting, navigating on smaller boats through the Patagonian glaciers and fjords, and other attractions.

Social Events

There will be many opportunities for interaction among participants during the trip, and we have prepared some special events to make this interaction more dynamic and enjoyable during lunch and dinner, lounges, parties and a few surprises.



This experiential journey gives you the chance to explore all of the glorious attractions that Patagonia has to offer. Experience everything from breathtaking sunsets to fascinating wildlife. Stella Australis feature beautiful cabins, fine dining, charming and relaxing living rooms and an incredible team of specialists guides, willing to go above and beyond your expectations for this journey.

Australis is a cruise company specialized in navigating through the southernmost Patagonian channels, exploring the Strait of Magellan and much more.

  • 06h00 - 12h00Arrival to Punta Arenas Airport. Transfer to Cabo de Hornos Hotel. Registration & check-in
  • 13h00 - 14h30Remote Open Ceremony & Lunch
  • 14h45 - 15h45Talk 1
  • 16h00 - 18h30Meeting / Business Roundtable with Local Supliers
  • 19h30Transfer to Welcome Venue
  • 20h00 - 22h00Dinner
  • 22h00Transfer back to Hotel Cabo the Hornos
  • 07h00Breakfast
  • 08h00 - 09h00Roundtable 1
  • 09h00 - 09h15Break
  • 09h15 - 10h15Roundtable 1
  • 10h15 - 10h45Free Networking
  • 10h45 - 11h45Talk 2
  • 12h00 - 13h15Lunch
  • 13h30 - 14h30Roundtable 2
  • 14h30 - 14h45Break
  • 14h45 - 15h45Roundtable 2
  • 16h30Transfer to Port of Punta Arenas
  • 17h00 - 18h30Boardting Stella Australis
  • 18h30 - 19h15Security Letters - Remote Welcome Aboard & Expedition Program
  • 19h30 - 20h45Dinner
  • 21h00 - 23h00Lounge Music Bar
  • 07h30Breakfast
  • 08h15-10h45Tour to Brookes Glacier
  • 11h05 - 12h15Roundtable 3
  • 12h15 - 12h30Break
  • 12h30 - 13h30Roundtable 3
  • 13h30 - 14h45Lunch
  • 15h15 - 18h00Tour to Bahia Ainsworth
  • 18h30 - 19h30Talk 3
  • 19h30 - 21h00Dinner
  • 21h00 - 23h00Lounge Music Bar
  • 07h30Breakfast
  • 08h30 - 10h00Rountable 4
  • 10h00 - 10h15Break
  • 10h15 - 11h45Roundtable 4
  • 11h45 - 12h30Lunch
  • 14h30 - 17h30Tour to Parry Glacier
  • 18h15 - 19h15Talk 4
  • 19h15 - 19h45Break
  • 19h45 - 20h15Closing Cerimony
  • 20h15 - 21h30Dinner
  • 21h30 - 02h00Farewell Party
  • 07h00Early Riser Breakfast
  • 07h30Tour to Isla Marta - Group 1 (optional)
  • 08h00Tour to Isla Marta - Group 2 (optional)
  • 08h15 - 09h45Breakfast
  • 11h30Arrival at Port of Punta Arenas
  • 12h00Landing Stella Australis

and Organization

The Remote Latin America - Connecting Experiences, is connected by SUL Hotels event (Small and Unique Lodgings, Latin America & Caribbean), created by a team with extensive experience in independent tourism market, focusing on high standard products. Designed by Roberto Farkas Bitelman and Clara Davies, they bring together nearly two decades dedicated to finding out the more remote, authentic and spectacular destinations and hotels in Latin America and the Caribbean.

On the other hand, Roberto and Clara are also dedicated to strengthening the relationship with key agencies and upscale tour operators, stimulating this segment in the Brazilian market. In this 2nd edition (2017), there are also advisors who are experts in the North American and European markets, responsible for selecting buyers that best fit the profile of the participating hotels.


Immersion days in the Chilean Patagonia


High-end travel agencies and tour operators from Noth America, Europe and Brazil


Independent, remote and high standard hotels and yachts, which offer authentic and soft adventure experiences

Last Edition, 2016

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